I hate weekends.

Today for absolutely no reason I’ve been in a very foul mood. Is 9dpo too early to test? I still see a negative on the pregnancy test and then going out with family wasn’t the best idea. They just kept pushing me or saying things and then my relative wanted to look at strollers and that upset me even more and I just lost it. Came home, argued with the husband and now I’m just trying everything to feel a little better but nothing seems to work.

These days I just like it when family leaves me alone. I talk to my friends, watch a lot of comedy and feel better but each time I have to spend time with my family I act like a rebellious teenager who really doesn’t want to be a part of the group.

I know all this really sounds silly but right now all I want is that positive on the pregnancy test. Why is time moving so slow? 😦



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