It’s all so confusing.

It feels like the more I learn about the reproductive system, the more there is that I’m confused about. The only silver lining/great thing about this week is that amidst all the crazy mood swings, emotional drama, friends and betrayals, I finally ovulated but I don’t know what’s next? I know I need to wait a few days and then check pregnancy test but what happens till then? I just quietly wait?

Can someone tell me what they did during this time (other than BD ofcourse). I don’t want to start going on google because I know where it’ll end and like I said I’m not going to overthink this.


2 thoughts on “It’s all so confusing.

  1. these infertility really sucks …. and sometines we don’t know what’s happening within our body…..stay positive..

    and good that you ovulated this time hope this cycle works for you 🤞💖😊

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