Mentally preparing myself for the next round.

The last couple of weeks have been not just physically tiring but also emotionally. I log in to my blog everyday not knowing what to write anymore. I know this has been a place for me to vent but how much longer?

I feel like this journey has only gotten slower. With each step that the doctor adds between cycles the frustration only goes up. Is it just me or are things in India easier than the longer processes in the US?

With the first round of clomid not working and finding out that I haven’t ovulated, I don’t know if increasing the dose is going to do anything at all. I hope it works but I really don’t think it will. I don’t know why I’ve become such a negative nancy.

Anyways, for now I’m just waiting for my prescription for provera to go through so I can start my periods in the next one week and then go for round 2 of clomid. This time with 100 mg.

PS. My prayers don’t seem to be working but please do think of me in your prayers.




5 thoughts on “Mentally preparing myself for the next round.

  1. I know how frustrating when things not go accordingly….I am also in the same boat you know ….now waiting for the period to arrive….n start just don’t lose hope…infertility journey tests our patience I feel


  2. An increased dose of Clomid may just do the never know! Try not to be negative even if you can’t be positive.. just be neutral at least. Because the power of the mind also plays a very important role in these things. Also..This is pretty much the same protocol they follow here in India. You are in good hands Ara..keep the faith


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