Clomid Cycle 1

Do not know where this is going. I have been religiously tracking and doing my OPK’s everyday but nothing so far. Looks like I haven’t ovulated this month and this is worse than the pregnancy tests. It is getting so depressing as the days pass. Feel like I have given up on myself and I see no light at the end of the tunnel, as in the fact that there might not be a positive pregnancy at the end of this month 😦

My birthday is a few days away and I was hoping I would get great news soon but I can’t even begin writing about how upset I am at this point which is why I haven’t even been in the mood to blog.

I will be traveling tomorrow to be with someone who is going to have a baby and just hearing about it is making it even more hard. Going to be managing opk’s in the middle of a thousand things. Not going to be fun.


3 thoughts on “Clomid Cycle 1

  1. Hi Ara..this journey is a really difficult and frustrating one. The worst part is that things do not fall into place when you want them to. Some months it can feel like a baby will never happen for you. But the thing is, with PCOS and the current innovations in modern medicine, it is not a matter of ‘Will’ I get pregnant.. it’s just a matter of ‘how’. Clomid is just the very first step. I know it’s hard to keep trying and things feel pointless but keep going. There *is* light at the end of the tunnel.


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