Day 34 – The Clomid life.

I am finally on Clomid. I’ve had it for two days now. It was a weird experience to go get an ultrasound during period but all is well. Day 1 and 2 have been fine so far. No major side effects. I did have headache on day 1 but that could be just the periods. Not sure if it is clomid. The plan is to have it from day 3 of cycle to day 7 and then start doing OPK’s from day 10 and if I don’t ovulate for a week then I have to go back in for them to do tests to see if I did indeed ovulate.

There are so many places that I am supposed to be at in the next couple of weeks that I am just hoping we find excuses and reasons to just stay back at home and get quality time together but unfortunately I know life just doesn’t work that way.

The technician let us know that we will be trying clomid for 4 cycles. I am just keeping my fingers crossed.

Looking forward to reading and hearing tips on clomid and how to improve chances of success.



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