Day 28 – This is what I really needed.

I do yoga at home. I have never gone to a class. It is just the things I’ve seen on TV, youtube, books and what I have learnt from mum. Today was the first time I attended a slow yoga class. I just got done with it. I can’t tell you how much deeper my breath is, how much less worried I feel, how much more complete and relaxed I feel. So relaxed, I practically could stay in one place all day and just breathe. I could use a hug right now. I feel like a little longer and I would have cried in the session. Since it is new moon, the practice was really slow, gentle, a whole lot of stretching, staying grounded and focusing on areas where theres tension or pain. I am fairly flexible except for my back and hips and that is something I really felt the stretch in. I also asked her for tips to recover from my injuries and she was kind enough to show me some poses that would help me work on them.

We run from one thing to another so much and with this TTC on my mind all the time for a change even though it crept up in my head multiple times, I let the thoughts pass as I breathed. Last night I was really low and upset and doubting if clomid will work. As I get closer to starting a clomid cycle I doubt my body’s ability to work the way it is supposed to and todays session just let me put a pause to those thoughts. I might go back home and back to the thoughts but it was an hour of just everything else in my life on a hold.

Hoping you all have a beautiful day and find strength and support.


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