Day 24 – Making more changes than I already have. 

This journey of PCOS and TTC has been one of trial and error. It’s almost like experimenting on your own body constantly to see what works and what doesn’t. This weekend I spent a lot of time reading and watching health/fitness documentaries that have really motivated me. After a mini fall I had last week and a bout of self doubt I have decided to get back up. 

I went and worked out and killed it in the gym this morning. I also walked up to a random lady at the gym and spoke which I never do. The major change however that I plan on doing is quitting dairy for a few weeks. This will mean going vegan to see how it helps my body. 

I’ve been a vegetarian for a while now and have always loved dairy especially cheese. America has introduced me to cheese in so many forms that I haven’t even imagined. Don’t think I had so much growing up though because mum never enjoyed dairy products and so we rarely had cheese. I also never fell sick growing up but the last few years I’ve fallen sick constantly. Not blaming it on my beloved dairy but in general my health has been pretty bad and I want to give myself two weeks of being vegan. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to quit yogurt though. Buttermilk? 😓 will be hard to stop but I’m going to try this anyways and see how I feel at the end of two weeks and as always I am going to report it here. 

What are your thoughts on dairy and its effects? Have you ever tried quitting? What about being a vegan to improve chances of conception (since everything revolves around TTC now) 


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