Day 19 – Just another update.

I had my workout with the trainer this morning and I was Horrible at everything I did. Okay, I’m just being hard on myself. I did get through the 50 minutes of training without killing myself also, it is my first time trying a lot of the exercises that she had me do. I had absolutely no energy and somehow dragged myself for the first 20 minutes after which I did feel better. My plan initially was to cancel the appointment for today just so I could sleep all day. I’m glad I went and got my ass kicked to get me back on track.

My only problem right now is to try and get my food under control. I was a little upset this week and in the last 2 days I have found myself going for the less healthy options instead of just making the effort to cook or eat better. Doing that only made me more tired. Did I tell you I had my coffee with sugar? I felt so guilty for doing that :/ When did that happen? I’ve grown up drinking tea and coffee with sugar and now all of a sudden it feels like I’m doing the worst thing in the world. However, I have started having a smoothie in the last two days. It isn’t the tastiest smoothie. I am still working on getting the taste better but it has good things like Amla in it. I think I need to really sit and plan my food. I am starting to look really pale.

Has anyone tried a Vegan/Vegetarian Keto diet especially Indian? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to leave my rice and carbs but I want to give this a shot once I am done fully researching about it, just cause I feel it’ll help me with getting my sugar levels from the pre-diabetic range back to normal. The kind of things that PCOS makes you do UGH!

I have been trying to do my research but most people who go on a Keto diet seem to have meat.

So, that is about my diet and workout. On the TTC front, I haven’t had any luck with the OPK today as well. No dark lines. It is quite upsetting but I’m still hanging in there.

Hoping you all are having a good week.


4 thoughts on “Day 19 – Just another update.

  1. I do not have much idea about keto recipes but they do have vegan and veg recipes I checked online…

    but instead of rice I think you can add more try and salads more in your diet…

    you know the coffee thing …. I love my black coffee… and I feel guilty every time I drink. coffee… coz some people stop coffee during TTC…. but nothing is proven if you take it in a limit… these thinks can’t be taken out of our mind until we have baby… 😦


    1. Still searching. Most recipes aren’t indian vegetarian though so the thought of cooking different food for everyone is hard 😄 if it’s indian I feel like I can get away with anything and people will have it.

      I love coffee too. I’m sticking to just one cup and I’ve tried quitting many times but it just doesn’t happen. I guess it’s the only thing I’m going to live with as a guilty pleasure considering I’m quitting everything else 😃 also so true. Right now every move I make feels like it’ll be directly or indirectly affecting the TTC process and it’s frustrating sometimes.

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