Day 18 – I am tired of OPK already.

So, couple of days back I got the OPK from Amazon and have been using it 2-3 times a day just because I don’t know when my surge is. The first time I tried it I was very happy and excited. The second line wasn’t as dark as the control line but it was there and you could see it. After that the last 2-3 days there’s barely any second line which means negative. Now, I know my body has a hard time ovulating but I was so happy when I saw the positive sign. I thought it would only get darker and that this would be our week. I was hoping it would work and now I am disappointed and can feel myself going into a dark ugly corner trying to fight to stay positive again.

I know for a fact that if this doesn’t work we always have clomid next month but with the way my body has been acting I’m worried that even clomid might not work on me :/

May be it is just one of those days when my mood is really low and I am going to find everything negative right now.

My house is also reflecting my mood – Messy!


One thought on “Day 18 – I am tired of OPK already.

  1. Maybe you might ovulate late…. with PCOS we never know when…. I wont tell you to relax… but try to be positive… just try pranayam and Meditation…. its good for your soul, body and mind…:)


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