Day 15 – improved plank time and weekend

So far like I said in my previous post my weekend isn’t going as per plan. I definitely feel like a diabetic. I feel constantly sleepy and I know it’s the food. I haven’t felt this way all week just because I have had food at home all week. I keep thinking about Keto diet but I somehow find it restrictive although I know there’s a lot of great food you can still have. Guess it just requires more planning than I have time for. 

Anyways, when I started my workout with the trainer (only done 3 sessions with her so far in two weeks) the first evaluation I had I could only do a plank for 18 seconds. Today two weeks later I have been able to manage to do it for 36 seconds. I could have gone a little longer but it sure is a mental game. 

I’ve been working on my core with her and am also able to do a lot more sit-ups too. Haven’t counted, just alternate between 30 seconds of rest and working out 🙂 

Any remedies for prediabetes that you know and could help with making me feel less sleepy? 

PS. I finally went ahead and ordered the ovulation kit and it’ll be here in 2-4 days. It’s been confusing because I have two apps on my phone that show ovulation on different days 🤔 I guess even an app is not able to determine when I will most likely ovulate. Looking forward to using the kit and I hope it isn’t too late this month. 🤞🏽


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