Day 10 – let’s get it together 

Aaaah, I just typed an entire page where I was whining and it just got deleted and that means I’ll have to whine again 🙄 

Hmm. So, the weekend wasn’t good. Although I did have energy and managed to do a lot of cleaning I had a lot of junk food which brings me back to my starting weight of 169.4 and my energy levels are at a zero. I’m pale and tired post period too. All of this means I’m going to have to start from scratch. It’s so frustrating. You work hard all week, eat some crap and then you have to start working hard all over again just to keep going. At this point it’s not even about losing weight. I have such low energy when I eat out that I find it hard to function. My brain is foggy and I find myself irritated. 

I had my workout with the trainer though and I couldn’t push myself the way I usually do. She knew I wasn’t able to do it so she had to bring the weights down so I could finish a few sets. That’s not good considering I pay for each session 🙄 

Anyways, I’m determined to get back on track with things. I know I’ll have to start meal planning too at some point just so I eat better throughout the day and not have cravings. 

Also, now that I’m done with periods it means it’s a fresh cycle to start trying to get pregnant again. I just hope I ovulate this time. Going to be a hard month with too many things going on with us but I just want to keep my stress levels low and be able to just get the time with my husband 🙂 

I still have to buy the ovulation kit though. It’s on my amazon list but I keep researching and going through all the reviews. I know none of that matters because sometimes I don’t even ovulate. Going to be an interesting couple of weeks. I am just really praying this works. 

Have you ever felt like your body would cause issues when you try to have a baby? For some reason growing up even though I was super healthy and had zero issues and I’ve never even fallen sick I always knew I would have problems conceiving. I don’t know why I thought about it. It’s so weird because I even had regular periods at that point. May be you are what you think about? Or is it just me overthinking things? I don’t know. At this time in life I can’t think about anything else but wanting a baby. My husband thinks I’m crazy when I say such things 😄

Anyways, Hoping you all are having a good week and that unlike me, your head is full of positive thoughts. Please do keep us in your prayers. 


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