Day 9 – Messed up schedules and Monday 

I did a lot of work yesterday. A lot of clothes got organized, our room got cleaned and so did the bathroom. My closet finally doesn’t look like an animal went through it. Part of the reason it seems better is because our guest room has now become a dumping ground but slowly but surely we will conquer that too 💪🏽

All that hard work was making it hard for me to wake up this morning. Also, I knew when I sat watching comedy on YouTube last night that I should have just slept and although 11 really isn’t that late in my book I could barely open my eyes this morning. I have therapy for my injury and like a school kid I dragged myself out of the bed, reminding myself that this is for me. Long story short, I get to the hospital and realize I’m not even scheduled to be in today 🙄 some mistake that the admin made and I was wondering why I didn’t get a text saying I have my appointment. Should have just slept. 

As usual I’m stuck here. I think this is the fourth time in a row that I’m here and now can’t go home until my workout session is done. So I have to spend an hour sitting here doing nothing. Thank god for the internet but I see my phones battery already running low 🙄 

Starting off Monday in not the greatest of moods. It’s also because 8 days of period is no joke. My body and mind feel drained. I don’t feel like drinking water. I don’t know if I’m hungry. I want food though. I made my usual breakfast and I couldn’t even finish it because it just wouldn’t go down my throat. 😒

My arms are still sore and so is my back from workout but I have my session with the personal trainer today. 

Things I do for you baby! 😄 
Update : well, guess what. My trainer had changed the schedule and personally sent me a text on Saturday but I’ve been so absent minded that I actually sat for over an hour waiting wondering why she isn’t around after which it suddenly clicked me that I had a text and it was for Tuesday 😒 back at home and going to be under covers for the rest of the day. I’m so tired and making mistakes today. what a day though. I messed up two things. Now I’m just sitting with biscuits in my hand and want a cold coffee with lots of sugar but I’m going to avoid it just cause I know I’ll feel guilty later 😒 


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