Day 7 – Dinner date and a quiet Saturday 

I don’t remember the last time I was this excited about a weekend. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything physically and mentally challenging and after having worked on myself all week I was excited to just go out last night. We chose a quaint little restaurant, had a good dinner, watched a movie, got home only to retire to own cozy corners and watch/read. It kinda felt like we were roommates last night haha I was too tired to even have a conversation but I am happy. So happy that I worked hard this week. I’ve managed to workout 4 times and also did more things than I’ve done in weeks which also became a reason why my posts haven’t been as bitter as they usually are.

I now write random things and I’m sure I’ll laugh someday reading about how I wrote so much about soup or about a whole day of just being tired but right now my focus is on doing everything possible to keep my mood up. To stay away from being the nasty person I become when depression hits. I hibernate very easily, I’ve been trying to avoid every pregnant person I know. Some of them unavoidable just because they are family but it’s hard.

I was supposed to go see a family friend who just  had a baby but I can’t get myself to doing that. I’m happy for her but it’s a sensitive subject and I know a lot of people are going to ask me questions like ” oh, don’t you guys want kids?”

Most people assume that since we’re always traveling together and live pretty much nomad lives that maybe we dont want kids which is far from the truth. My husband loves kids and has wanted one ever since we got married but he’s never pushed or ever been mean because he understands the struggle and what I go through mentally each time someone asks me something like this. It’s hard to always have a happy face and say “yup, hopefully soon” when all you want to do sometimes is punch people in their face 😂

Anyways, today is a quiet day in our house. I haven’t moved from my couch all morning although I know I have so much energy that I could clean the whole house haha but I really choose not to do it right now. May be tomorrow?

Update : Well, I did end up deep cleaning the guest bath and my kitchen. I finally have an empty counter. Wow! Now, I just have to walk around the house and find all my cups and glasses that’ll fill the sink again lol. Alright folks, have a great weekend.


One thought on “Day 7 – Dinner date and a quiet Saturday 

  1. I know how it feels to meet pregnant women and new babies been there done that and specifically when they are family or close friends its even more difficult we cant be happy for them and sad for us at the same time…so usually when I have to meet them I first take time… like a day or two make myself strong… grieve for myself and just go and meet them and try be strong as much as possible….

    so take time and then meet them….

    have a great weekend:)


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