Day 5 – Vegetable soup for the tired soul.

My staple diet is rice. I believe it is the same for most Asians. However, as much as I love rice the last few days I’ve just been wanting to eat salads and soup. I don’t know if its cause I’m too tired to make a curry to go with it or the fact that I’m drinking a lot less water that is making me want to have soup. Luckily, I have had a few canned soups that have been sitting in my pantry. I really am not a fan of soup. Especially not canned soup but this time surprisingly the ones we bought are really flavorful. I added some more flavor with lots of crushed pepper and cilantro. I then dumped a little leftover curry from last night to it to make it a vegetable medley and now am enjoying it while I type this post.

I am really sore and mostly tired after yesterdays workout. My brain is super active and wants me to do hundred odd things but by body just says “REST” so I’ve just been on the couch for most part of the day.

I’m glad that the last 4-5 days my focus has been more on my health and I haven’t been getting too upset. The mood swings haven’t been crazy. I think its the fact that I’m constantly going out and keeping really busy that when I’m at home I am just enjoying my time and all the rest I can get. Hopefully, it’ll stay the same in the weeks to come when a lot of close relatives and friends will have their babies. Just yesterday someone we know had their second child in the three years we’ve known them. How do people do it? luck? I don’t know. I mean in the three years we’ve been trying we’ve reached nowhere. I just constantly find myself dealing with period problems 🙂 Human body is so complex and each day I learn a little more about it and I just find myself even more confused than I already am.

Anyways, don’t want to make this nice day into another TTC struggle blog post. Just going to leave it here but before that I am looking into ovulation kits. Are there any specific brands that you use? I just want to get something online preferably ebay or amazon and definitely something cheap because brands like clearblue are quite expensive. Not knowing when you ovulate is the craziest, most frustrating thing so I’ll need a lot of test strips that are just cheap that I can use for months. Looking forward to hearing from you’ll.

Praying for everyone in this journey. Hoping you all are able to relax and work on yourself through this week.

Update : I managed doing c25k – day 1 week 1. *pats self*


4 thoughts on “Day 5 – Vegetable soup for the tired soul.

  1. great that your work outs are going great…

    OPK hmmm her in India I used I-CAN …. also during clomid cycles here from CD 14th or 15th CD I would get ultrasound or follicle scan/study to know how they have grown and when it would rupture or ovulate … so I can’t help much in that…..

    anyways just be positive …. it will just work that’s it…


    1. Interesting. Here the doc has asked me to come on day 1 of my period and get ultrasound to check for cysts and then start clomid and just do ovulation kit for the rest of the month and if my ovulation kit doesn’t show that I have ovulated then they will do some test to see if I have ovulated or not and give me progesterone tablets to start my next period. :/

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  2. Yeah here we should meet the doc on day 1 (CD 1) they don’t do any scan here , they will tell us to start clomid from CD 2 to CD 6 and start follicle study/scan from cd 14 or depending on how your follicle is grown in last cycle…. and then same as in my above comment….anyways however they do success is what we want…hopefully everything will work out for you this cycle only….:)


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