Day 4 – This is all for you.

Today was hard. After my fitness evaluation yesterday I had my first workout session today. I can barely move my arms. Its even hard to lift a cup of coffee now. Thats how sore I am. I was messaging my friend who just got diagnosed with diabetes and might have fertility issues too. We’ve been trying to keep each other motivated and I was telling her how dead I feel after my first workout session with the trainer and she sent me a sweet message saying imagine how you would feel with that baby bump soon 🙂 Just know that all your hardwork is to work on your body and get it ready for that. It was so nice of her to say that because I stayed away from junk food when I read that.

I still have to work on meal planning because post workout I had nothing prepared at home and I went straight to the cookies. Luckily, I had some whole wheat bread and almond butter in the fridge.

My plan this week is to change my diet. Increase the amount of greens I’m having. Also, add nuts, seeds and lentils. Hopefully all this hardwork will help me finally achieve the only thing I want in life right now- to have a baby 🙂

I remember back in college I had a senior who was trying to get pregnant and she would seem so upset and I never understood what the problem was. I didn’t know enough to ask questions so I just spent a lot of time distracting her and we would watch movies and cook and go out. The day she finally got pregnant I called myself an aunt and showered her with a ton of chocolates hehe 🙂 It was such an amazing feeling just to see her happy and although now that I’m at that stage in life and really don’t have that kind of bond with anyone. my blog now is my diary. I sometimes wish it would talk to me and say it’ll all be okay.



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