Day 3 – Fitness Evaluation

This morning I got to the gym way too early. I got my calendar messed up and got there two hours before the actual session. Instead of spending the time working out before my evaluation I just decided to sit and look at people.

We started off with checking my weight which according to the scale at the gym is 165.6 lbs although at home it says 169.6 😛 so I’m not sure which one is more accurate. May be I just go with the one at the gym? haha. The trainer then measured my waist, hip, thighs and took a picture and since I’m on my period I could clearly see my belly sticking out and with my double chin and triple chin now being really prominent it feels like I don’t even have a neck anymore :O I think I’m still in denial because I keep blaming the angle.

She then got me to do different exercises just to see how much I can do and what level I’m at. I must say I did pretty bad. I only did an 18 second plank and 5 situps. I haven’t worked out in a long time and it still isn’t an excuse for how bad I was. I walk every single day but that means nothing when it comes to actually working out. Atleast thats what I learnt today. A few minutes of step ups had me out of breath and I can feel my arms really sore right now. The only thing I have going for me at this point is the fact that I can walk for hours with no issues and that I’m fairly flexible.

I did talk to her about PCOS and luckily she is not one to look at weightloss in terms of numbers, instead she said she focuses more on the body fat percentage. Currently it is about 38.7 % and the goal is to get it to be under 30.

I think this is going to be a good distraction from all the TTC and infertility blogs I’ve been reading. Instead after a really long time I found myself on google typing “how to reduce body fat” lol.

My husband and I still haven’t had the talk. Since, today is day 1 of my full period I’m still not sure if we will start clomid this month. I think we are still going back and forth about it. I mean my body having a period on its own itself is such a rare thing that it makes me want to celebrate it although I’m so disappointed cause that means we have to try some more 🙂

Hoping you all are having a great week. Sending out some positive vibes and luck to all of you’ll.


2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Fitness Evaluation

  1. Good that your getting periods without any meds… even though I have pcos I do get regular periods… once in few months it gets delayed and metformin has really helped me…in reducing weight

    anyways about trying clomid… if your below 28 I think you can try naturally few cycles and then decided what next …and one more thing if you dont mind have you done semen analysis for husband … that might solve many problems and questions about what next …


    1. Thank you for your advice Sprha. I had asked the doc if I should be on metformin but they advised not to start it. I think I’ll wait one more cycle to try naturally because I don’t know when I’ll have my next period. Its really like gambling haha don’t know what will happen. Have you been using ovulation kits? Any recommendations? Along with my HSG test we did get my husband tested too. No issues with him. Its just my periods that are a problem and lack of ovulation.


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