Day 2 – Period scare and starting gym.

I haven’t slept in WEEKS. This morning once again I woke up super early. By 4 I was tossing and turning. I find myself dreaming a lot and being mostly disturbed throughout the night. Anyways, I head to the washroom and notice I’m spotting. Now my periods are due this week but since its been so irregular I don’t even know if its just a period.

For three hours I just kept going back and forth not knowing what it is. In the last three years, with my periods being so irregular, I guess I don’t even trust my body to function the way it is supposed to. I actually started panicking, breathing heavy thinking about it. With a past experience of miscarriage I just do not want to take chances. Β The second reason to be worried is because I also decided to go for personal training sessions from today. If there is a slightest chance for pregnancy I don’t want to overwork my body and cause problems. Like, every single time I awkwardly stand at the counter in the supermarket trying to buy the pregnancy test along with a few random things so it doesn’t look like I just got in store for that one thing. I’ve been married for a few years but the fact that I look young despite being chubby gets me a few looks each time haha or may be its just in my head.

Anyways, since I don’t have the time to head home and then get back to the gym in time for my session I decide to use the public toilet to test my pregnancy. I’m pretty sure everyone in the bathroom was wondering what I was upto πŸ˜› taking such a long time inside making all kinds of noises while I am doing a balancing act, trying to fidget and get the test out of my backpack, bite open the plastic on top of the box and finally manage getting the test out without dropping the hundred odd things inside my bag. Thank god for disposable toilet seat covers. Sitting inside that toilet for three minutes would have been miserable without it. Needless to say all this effort went in vain, Not pregnant it clearly said. Well, it didn’t say that but only one line showed up and that one line once again determines how the rest of my day goes.

Although I’m happy that this spotting means I might just have my period and I should get used to the fact that maybe for a change my body is just acting funny by getting a normal period I’m still bummed about not being pregnant once again.

When did we go from making out like rabbits to calculating and noting each move?

In other news, I’m sitting outside the gym before my session typing this while I sip on a healthy green smoothie. I guess I get brownie points for effort this morning. Also had cinnamon oats and a 1/2 cup of black coffee with no sugar at home.

Question : Do you’ll use OPK’s and if so which brand and where do you get it from?

Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Day 2 – Period scare and starting gym.

  1. Hi! When I first started fertility meds I saw an OB, and she recommended I use OPKs, specifically ClearBlue digital. I actually used the “advanced” ClearBlue digital tests. They cost more than the non-digital sticks, but when you hope each cycle you use it will be your last it’s easy to keep buying them. I also think the digital ended up being best for me because I couldn’t look at the lines from day to day and over-analyze. You’re just going to see one of three symbols, and that’s it. I have used them for medicated and natural cycles, and found them helpful. I just started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist to do more medicated cycles, and he said not to use OPKs at all since they will be monitoring my follicles with ultrasounds. So I’m not going to mess with them for now. If you are having natural cycles and TTC naturally I would highly recommend using OPKs!

    Good luck to you!


    1. Interesting. The reproductive endocrinologist I’m working with currently has asked me to buy the cheapest one I can find in the market just because my cycles are so apart. The current plan is to get an ultrasound on the first day of period, do the OPKs throughout the month and see if I have my next period, if I don’t then I go on provera to start my period, get clomid and repeat the process. Haven’t started clomid yet. Going to give ourselves another month or so.


  2. Going to read your blog to understand more πŸ™‚ I’ve read a lot of blogs where people mention the monitoring of follicles, im not sure why our RE hasn’t said anything about it. We’ve been told to try for 4 cycles with clomid and to go back whenever I miss a period so they can do a scan and give me a provera πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”


    1. You will be able to find a lot of support online for figuring out the cheaper OPKs. It might make you a little crazy, but you will be fine!
      I don’t know how much my blog will help you understand since I’m not an expert, but I do have a pretty detailed Clomid post that might help you think about what to expect if you do it. πŸ™‚ I think monitoring with ultrasound is done more when you’re using meds, HCG trigger shot, IUI, etc. and the timing has to be precise. When we were doing Clomid the doctor offered a day 12 ultrasound and HCG trigger shot as an option on our final round, and we declined because we already knew I ovulated on Clomid and we didn’t want the extra expense. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask your RE about it.
      I hope the OPKs will help you figure out your cycle! Keep up the good work; this is a really hard thing you’re doing.


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