Finally the much awaited HSG and AMH results.

I have waited for months to finally be able to get the test done and when I did I had to wait another 20 days to get the results mainly because my doc is a super busy person and its always hard to get an appointment. Anyways, so sleepless and hoping for the worst I walked into his cabin only to find out that my results are actually great. Good number of eggs, no blocks. Basically, no issues with my body. The only problem we are still stuck with is the fact that my periods are super irregular and my body needs some kind of help to always have a normal period. I’ve tried everything from herbal medicines to provera, even teas. Although I seem to find temporary relief in these they don’t seem to last. I have even been fairly active. Now the next two things on my plate is to try and get my period on time so we can give another month of TTC before we go with clomid.

I’ve been wanting to get on clomid for a while but now that we are finally here, I’m really scared to go ahead with it considering it does have side effects. The number of medicines I’ve been on in the last two years have already done enough damage to my hormones. What do I do next? Ah, yet another crossroads. I’m back on my herbal medicine and after a short crash and episode of just feeding myself crap to drown my sorrows I’ve decided to be back this morning and work on my body.

It is so funny, that I was hoping the answer to my infertility would be some kind of block or some issue with my eggs that could be fixed and then magically I would just have a baby. Turns out it isn’t as complicated and all I need to work on is getting my periods. Simple case of anovulation that really isn’t that simple because if it was then we wouldn’t be here three years later trying to find some kind of solution. All that said I should just be grateful that my case isn’t really really bad and that sooner or later we will be able to have a baby. keeping fingers crossed.

Anyone else starting out on clomid or have been on it for a while? Have you had success? What are ways to improve our chances with it? Are there natural alternatives we could try before we find ourselves on a long journey of infertility meds?

Sending so much love.



3 thoughts on “Finally the much awaited HSG and AMH results.

  1. Hi there! I am starting clomid for the first time this cycle. Today is day 3 of 5 and so far the only side effect I have is hot flashes. To answer your question on how to boost your chances, I would say eat a fertility diet which includes dark greens, bright veggies, grass-fed meats, raw nuts like almonds and walnuts, lots of water….. and avoid foods like refined sugars, white foods like rice, bread, and pasta, processed foods, and herbal teas (most, not all). Also, there is an alternative to clomid. I would try it myself because I am trying to do things that natural way, but being my age an premenopausal, I don’t have all the time in the world to “see” if it works for me. My husband wanted me to try clomid as well so clomid it is! Here is a video on it.

    I’m enjoying reading your posts. Good luck to you!


    1. Thank you so much for this 🙂 really does help. I’ve been on herbal medicines for a while and it worked so well at controlling my hormones but I started getting really frustrated because I didn’t have instant results. I’m back on them on. Haven’t been very regular with it in the last three weeks. Will keep at it till I start clomid. Just watched the video. Very cool. Makes me want to go out and shop for all that they’ve said haha 🙂 good luck with your journey and lots of love.


  2. I used clomid for a few cycles. I found that there werent many side effects, save very painful ovaries around ovulation and some hot flushes. All in all though, I felt no different on it than I did off of it. Good luck!!


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