Anxiousness, Irma, waiting on results.

If you’ve read my last post you know how I fear September and god did my worry come true. This time in the form of Hurricane, we had to leave our home and travel to a different state while this happened and just pray nothing happens to people or our home. We were so sure we’d be back to nothing because it was cat 5 and all I could think about all week was what if its all gone? What if we have to start from scratch? Where do we go? Who do we talk to? My friends decided to stay back and I couldn’t get in touch with them so that was also something that scared and made me anxious the whole time until we got back. All is well though. We’re safe. Everyone we know is safe too. Nothing’s happened to our house either so we are happy but all week I’ve been glued to the TV and keeping up with everyone I know to see what they are upto, if they’ve moved, if they are staying back what kind of precautions, sending lists, numbers for emergency. Ah. Don’t even want to relive these things.

Anyways, tomorrow is the result for my HSG test. Would you believe in the middle of all the IRMA disaster I started panicking about my HSG results. I started thinking that may be like the last few times something might happen and my appointment would get cancelled or rescheduled and I’d have wait another 10-20 days before everything gets normal and I get my results and the next steps for TTC? :O It is is so silly. It isn’t even something one should worry about during a disaster like this but if you have been trying to conceive for a while you know even a week wait for your reports feels like a really really slow, long process.

Keeping fingers crossed. Going to pray and hope everything comes back okay. Please pray for us.


3 thoughts on “Anxiousness, Irma, waiting on results.

  1. Thank you 😊 so our results seem normal. It’s just that with pcos and irregular periods I have issues ovulating but my HSG and amh tests look great. They might start us on clomid if my period starts on its own otherwise first provera and then ultrasound to make sure there are no cysts and then 4 cycles with clomid. Any tips or thoughts on clomid?

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  2. Good everything is fine at your end…

    Mine AMH is very good tubes are fine only one was air blocked six months back …my doc told tubes can open and close…they too don’t know how…that’s why IVF for me…

    I did three clomid with TI… follicles where growing good …I Ovulated on time…we did the deed …but it did not work for me . .

    Tips…I used to walk and and do some fertility yoga …until Ovulation..
    After ovulation I used only walk…walking helps pcos …that’s it nothing much…

    Try drinking hibiscus flower tea…it’s good for the uterus…also drink loads of water..

    Good luck at least you get success in one clomid cycle only….


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