I have never liked this month. September has always scared me. Losing close ones, accidents, just a month of all things bad. It is also the month when I had my miscarriage which officially makes it the worst month in my dictionary. Also, now that I have a scare of diabetes I really wanted to just go into hibernation and not lift my head up all of September because I’m just petrified and have a bad feeling about the month. It could just all be in my head but that’s not stopping me from hoping for the worst. However, the husband and I have decided to make better choices this month. Yesterday we started on a small journey to getting healthy in hopes that it’ll may be help with our TTC journey. It’s not like we haven’t tried a lot of things already, made many many changes but nothing’s working but I’m still hopeful. May be a little more won’t hurt? 

Do you believe in such things? Bad days? Bad months? 

Also, has anyone followed a Keto Vegan diet? If so please message me. I’d love to know more about what you eat. May be this is what I need to reduce weight and follow doctors orders of cutting carbs 😒🤔


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