Yet another roadbump. Who made all these terms? Things have already started going above my head. So, I’ve been playing tag with the nurse at my doctors office. She tries calling me yesterday and I couldn’t answer. When I hear the voicemail, I call back but couldn’t get in touch with her and because of that I’ve really had no sleep because I was thinking it had something to do with HSG results. As soon as the clinic opens I call. No response. I call again and it says lunch time and then I call and leave a message for her with someone else. Finally I get a call back and although they don’t have my reports yet and have nothing to say about my HSG test the only thing the doctor wanted to let me know was that my HBA1C (Hemoglobin a1c) levels are high and I could be at a risk for diabetes if I don’t take care of myself. Now where did this come from? I’ve heard a lot of people saying PCOS does that to your body but I really didn’t imagine I could be that person. I’ve cut down on so many things. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong at this point. I feel like I’ve to do my research all over again and change everything I eat because something is clearly not working.

I don’t know how much more harder this year is going to be on me. The more I pray for a baby, the more I find myself getting upset. After a week being down in the dump, I finally started walking again. Determined to keeping working on my body and mind and making sure I am ready for the next phase but this one phone call has really scared me. My grandmother has dealt with diabetes for over 20 years and I’ve seen her suffer especially in the last years with dialysis. That is something I really want to experience. I am only in my 20’s and I can’ t believe my body is failing me already.

I really need a break from the constant issues this year. Injuries and hospitals and just hardships overall. Need to get stronger both mentally and physically.

Doctors suggestions are to cut down on sugar and carbs and exercise. Now to sit and research more about carbs. FML!


2 thoughts on “HBA1C

  1. I never new high hemoglobin means you are at risk for diabetes, I know for PCOS/PCOD we are at risk for diabetes…but this is new to me

    din’t your gynec give metformin when she got to know about your pcos, thats what my doc gave and I lost almost 11 kgs from past one year and my periods are almost regular now…

    HSG test result here we get within a day here.. and results will be know soon because they will how the dye spill in the uterus was..

    anyways talk to you RE and clear your confusions…..


    1. No. The gynaec in India had asked me to get on metformin but in US they strictly asked me not to have it, but at the same time asked me to lose weight although it’s been an uphill battle. My weight never goes down no matter what I do. Only slowly keeps going up. I’m still trying to stay active though. Need to make bigger changes I guess to see a change in weight. Now that they’ve told me about diabetes I’m really really scared 😖 it’s like just one thing after the other. Yes I’ll be seeing my doc in another ten days may be will know more. I don’t know why they didn’t say anything after HSG


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