The much awaited/dreaded HSG Test

So, finally after all this wait I got my HSG test done today. All the delays, lack of availability, my injury and so many other reasons kept stopping me from getting it done but today was the day. I went in a little early just cause I wasn’t sure if there would be paperwork involved. Since my doctor had referred and their clinic took care of most of the things I had to just pay for things that the insurance didn’t cover. I was asked to start antibiotics the night before the procedure and also to take my painkiller an hour before the procedure.

The waiting room/lobby was full of women with reproductive issues. It made me even more anxious as I sat there trying to fidget with my phone. They started off with a urine test just to rule out pregnancy before they could insert dye. Followed by blood test to check for any genetic issues, AMH and to rule out HIV. After this I was once again asked to wait in the lobby which made me even more nervous. I was then whisked into the room, given a gown to change. I just couldn’t relax and as the doctor put the speculum I was in pain. It was very uncomfortable and that made my body tensed because of which they had to use more pressure and that in turn caused a little more pain. The dye for some reason just didn’t go in. The more dye the doctor tried to push in, it would just come out. After a few minutes I just looked up, relaxed and just as the pain got slightly intense it was done. The actual procedure was done in less than 5 minutes. It was only the speculum that caused me issues and not the dye. I was given a pad and told to continue antibiotics for the next two days along with painkiller when needed.

I just got back from the hospital and don’t feel any major difference except for light period like pain in the stomach. No issues as such. Just feels like a routine checkup. Not sure how the next few hours will be. They said I should drink lots of water and make sure I have my antibiotics without fail because the first 24 hours you could have cramping and are prone to infection.

Will update tomorrow with how my body reacts to the test. Anxiously waiting for results but I’ll only be seeing my doc after 15-20 days which feels like yet another really long wait.

Keeping fingers crossed.


10 thoughts on “The much awaited/dreaded HSG Test

  1. Oh good you felt fine… even though me being done under anesthesia after the procedure it was very painful… maybe I should have not done under anesthesia… since it was done under anesthesia I was not given pain killers until three hours… Ufford long story…

    How much is your Amh … hope your results are fine and you can start with next stsps…good luck…


    1. Along with HSG did they do any kind of laparoscopy for you? is that the reason they used anesthesia? I live in the US and it was 75 dollars for the AMH test. The wait time for results is long though. Feels like each day is long.


  2. No only hsg….it’s a five minute procedure you know…. here in Bangalore in some places they do with anesthesia…and some places without anesthesia…… I choose with anesthesia coz I had read about how painful it was….one of my friend from US did hsg last week her experience was like yours….

    I will be getting hystroscopy done next month probably …so that I can start with IUI after hystroscopy….I did 3 clomid cycles after hsg which dint work…I just don’t want to waste time at all…

    Yeah Amh results will take time…. here it takes 2 days to get the result..

    Good luck…


    1. I haven’t started clomid or any other meds yet. Just have very irregular periods so looking for some kind of solution. Hopefully with the HSG results my doc will be able guide us in the right direction.

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  3. So happy to see another persons post that doesn’t scare the wits out of the ladies getting ready to have it done! I was terrified before I went in from all the reviews I read! It was so quick and mildly painful. I can’t believe they are making you wait so long for the results, my DR told me on the spot! Good luck with your next step in this journey!! 🙂


      1. Oh good luck!! I didn’t have success with Clomid, but my close friend did! She got pregnant on her second round!! I have my fingers crossed for you!! 🙂


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