Auspicious day and positive vibes.

I woke up early today. Had a good 7 hour sleep and was out of the house for some work in the morning. Today is a great day since it is Ganesh Chaturthi and although we really don’t do much on this day I have always been a big fan of Ganesha. I just feel great today. Life sucks right now because of the slow recovery post injury and the whole TTC process but I just feel happy and am trusting in him to get me through this phase. I want to send out positive vibes today and good wishes to everyone on this journey. Hang in there and we will all reach our destination sooner or later 🙂

Much Love and Light.

PS. Excited for next week (HSG test). Any tips or suggestions??



7 thoughts on “Auspicious day and positive vibes.

  1. I did HSG test under anesthesia…. I was darn scared to get the test done….even though I did under anesthesia it pained like hell after I become conscious….I has bleeding for 1 or 2 days not heavy …

    All the best for your test….


  2. Some people take pain killer before HSG… so that it wont pain much… I dint take any since I did it under anesthesia… so I cant say much … some people wont know the pain…. for some its just uncomfortable…. do let us know how yours went…

    when is your test ….


      1. Not sure. They didn’t give my results yet. have to wait 15-20 days to meet the doctor then will know what the next steps are. praying it all turns out well.


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