Progesterone and HSG test.

My body has become really unpredictable in the last 3-4 years. Each time I wait for AF it is a testing period. Doing pregnancy tests in hope that may be this is the month, thinking about random symptoms and relating it to pregnancy. Anyways, the last week I got back on progesterone to start my periods. However, the only thing I’m looking forward to is finally getting my HSG test done. I’ve read a lot about it. Both the negatives and the positives. People say they’ve experienced a lot of cramping, spotting, even bleeding post procedure but on the other hand I’ve also read positive stories of the dye pushing out any blockage and making way for pregnancy. Although this doesn’t happen in every case but there are a lot of stories where people have become pregnant post HSG test. So, I am really looking forward to getting this test done. If not pregnancy atleast I’ll know if there are any issues that are stopping me from getting pregnant. Please pray for me.

The only thing that is upsetting me is putting my husband through all this. He feels I have been overthinking and that there is no issue with me. However, I just can’t stop thinking about having a baby. All I’ve wanted and all that I think about is having a baby. I’m tired seeing everyone around me get pregnant so easily. I am now taking care of one my relatives who is having a baby in the next two months and all she talks about is the baby. There are times when I am happy or excited for her but it is hard. It really makes me feel like the more time I spend helping them the more I’m hurting myself.

Anyways, this is an auspicious week for us Hindus and I really hope and pray Lord Ganesha hears me out and removes all obstacles from my way.




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