Waiting on periods like it is an award.

Growing up periods were the most irritating part. It was like a reminder every month that you are a girl and while the guys continued to enjoy their lives teenage in my life meant being so conscious that I didn’t really want to spend a lot of time outside. Going from that to becoming a confident woman and now struggling with periods hasn’t been an easy journey. Anyways, this week has been good so far. I think the progesterone tablets I’m on for my periods have been giving me some energy. Also, aiding with my weightloss. I have lost a little over 5 pounds in the last 2-3 weeks which usually is an even more slow process. My goal is to read more about metabolism and how to improve it. I currently drink turmeric tea or turmeric milk on a daily basis to improve my digestion and for its hundred odd health benefits. The only side effect with progesterone this time has been that my skin is really acting up. I have pimples on my cheeks and a lot of hair growth on my face and body that don’t seem to go so the last two days I decided to use some Indian home remedies and that has been working wonders for my skin in terms of pimples. I see a huge difference. The hair though is just prominent. Just something I’ll have to deal with I guess. However, the few times I’ve had normal periods I know I haven’t had as much hair growth. Hmm, periods have really become an award. Something I look forward to in my life right now. Each day, each week is spent thinking about what I can change to be a fitter/more healthy person.

I have also started walking again. Been doing between 13-15k steps daily.

Now hopefully atleast this time I hope my periods become normal and I can finally get pregnant. As I go through the pregnancy of my relative and help her through the process it pains me. There are comments or things that happen unintentionally that makes it bad. I cant help but wait and pray. I know the day will come. I can’t stop dreaming about how it will be when I finally am pregnant. The naming ceremony, the shopping, my parents holding my baby. As much as I know that someday I will have my baby sometimes I just feel like my body has some problem and that may be I’ll never be able to have my baby.

God, you hear me? I need a baby!!! We need a baby.


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