Back after a break.

I was away. The last two months have been brutal both mentally and physically. Before I go on I want to thank people who did reach out to see if I was doing alright and if there’s an update or if I did manage to get pregnant and stuff but before I go on to rant about things I just wanted to say that we haven’t gotten anywhere with our TTC journey.

This year has been quite bad. Just to give you a recap of what has been happening with my life in the last few years/months. I have been trying to find some miracle. Not a single gynaec was able to find out whats going on with me until one of them finally decided to give me a referral to an Endocrinologist. Everything was going great. I had a date set up for my tests and just when I thought I would finally see myself get pregnant I fell. No kidding. I actually fell, injured myself, had to go through surgery because of which the doc just told me to put everything else on hold for sometime. I had finally managed getting my regular periods, got into a good shape physically, got super active. Everything was just going so well that when I fell I knew that broken bones would mean delay. My body hurt but more than the physical pain I was upset when I was told I’d have to wait. ONCE AGAIN. Its so irritating that something or the other just happens to stop me every time we go down this path.

I basically just kept to myself and didn’t really talk much. My husband took me on a short trip and now I feel good. I’m slowly getting out again. Trying to get active and am back on my progesterone tablets to get my period so i can finally go get that HSG test done.

Also, I have been reading up and learning more about nutrition. Any tips for someone with PCOS?


2 thoughts on “Back after a break.

  1. hey!! welcome back and glad to see you are holding up and why worry when you have the best support ( husband) in the world..cheer up..Am sharing you a diet which seemed sensible to me..hope and pray it will work out for you as well…good luck please do check it out.


    1. Thank you so much for the well wishes and also the video 🙂 Looks like as of now I’m on the right path with what the person has said in their video. Currently I have added moringa as well as turmeric to my diet. The only thing I might need to work on is cutting out milk/dairy products. Also, yes I’m glad there is support from my husband and family. Would have been totally lost without that haha.


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