Off late I find myself judging people more than usual. I feel bitter and so the way I’ve been processing it isn’t healthy. I notice that I’m more judgmental than usual when I find myself tired. Either because of the wrong food I’ve eaten or simple physical tiredness.

Last two weeks I had to spend time with some family members. Taking care of a pregnant relative in need. I am very open to helping and take on a lot at most times but I undo it by saying or thinking that I’ve done so much and received only sarcasm or comments that hurt from the person I’ve helped. What I should do is focus on getting healthy. Focus on getting myself stronger instead of thinking about what people have to say. Often times when I’m in a good mood I let things slide. I don’t pay attention to what the other person has to say. This week however after days of eating out and having done a lot I found myself complaining about this relative to my in laws. This person hasn’t really done anything out of the ordinary. They just carried their self like they always do. The reason I took it to heart this time was only because of how I was doing.

Most people comment, joke, talk about how much we travel and how we’re having fun in life and enjoying instead of thinking about kids but no one knows how much we do and so hearing things especially when you are slightly down isn’t fun.

I need to get stronger.

What do you do?


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