And just like that. Life moves on.

While my grandmother is still in the hospital fighting for life I can’t help but be mad. Mad that she is there. Mad that this morning a close relative asked my family how she was doing on Whatsapp in a group. When my uncle responded saying she was still in the hospital the person said so sad and continued to send forwarded messages after which that conversation like many others just got lost. Life moves on and I understand that but atleast try and be a little sensitive?

I’m having a very bad day. Emotionally and physically. Tired. Very tired this morning. Also, had a long conversation with the husband today. Don’t think he’s ready to see the RE. I understand where he is coming from. I know he is just doing this so the hormone tablets and other medication don’t have bad effects on me but I’m done. I really do not want to wait even one more day. I don’t want to go another year just trying to work hard on my health and have nothing. I want a baby and that is all I can think of. I know my body at this point needs something to help it function the way a woman’s body is supposed to and I know that herbs at this point are going to do nothing.



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