CD 3.

When did I start tracking cycles? When did we get to a point where we obsessively worried about a period so much and waited for it to pass while making sure our food was right even during period. A period without ice cream and junk food? :/ Never thought that would happen. Friday feels like it is far away. RE appointment this week and I haven’t looked forward to anything so much other than our wedding day haha. My neighbor was sweet yesterday giving me suggestions about keeping baby pictures in our room that will remind me to take better care of my body through the process. Also how it is like having a vision board reminding us where this journey is going and that all that we are doing will be worth it in the end 🙂

Everything sounds nice. I just am anxious about what the RE might say. When I see my friends IVF process take forever and the 101 hurdles through the process it just worries me that it might take really long for us as well. Not like the last 2-3 years have been easy for us.

The focus this week as always has shifted to the other person in my family who got pregnant recently. Either I hear how people feel bad for me or hear about her and the pregnancy all day which really isn’t what I want to hear right now. I’ve written this before and I know this is not a competition. Our bodies are different but how do you explain that to your brain who goes into alert, angry and self hating mode every time you hear someone got pregnant easily.

I have all the respect in the world now for people who are having a tough time in their TTC journeys and can’t help but pray that we all are showered with happiness of holding a tiny little miracle.

Please do keep us in prayers.



6 thoughts on “CD 3.

  1. Addra, Have you considered looking into more intense treatment options? I used an RE for 8 months and got nowhere. I am not saying that will happen to you, but here are some things to consider: All semen analyses are not created equal. Are they using computer-based or human analysis? Hint: Human is better. Do they study/monitor your embryos before transferring? How do they do that? What magnification will they use? Is there something better available? Should you see an embryologist? Everyone chooses their own journey and I am in no way judging or trying to sell you on anything. Just want you to know more than I did getting into this. Good luck! I’ll be sending you good vibes.


    1. Honestly, I wish I have no clue. I’ve been switching gynaecs for the last three years just to get anywhere. So far everyone I’ve seen hasn’t even said anything theres anything wrong with me despite the super irregular periods and PCOS. I’ve tried multiple natural remedies and medicines and have got nowhere. The current gynaec has finally suggested I go to the RE and it feels like a step forward. I want to see what he says and decide on the right treatment for us. So far the docs I’ve seen even after multiple requests for treatments haven’t asked us to get any kind of semen analysis or tests on me except for ultra sounds and blood work. Thank you for your suggestion. I really appreciate it. Going to read more about it.

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      1. The SA is vital. Don’t just let them assume it’s only you. If anything it’s one more thing you can check off the list as a step closer to answers and hopefully a baby. (((Hugs)))


      2. It is something I’ve constantly spoken to doctors about but I’m surprised they just make it look like its my PCOS. My husband is a great man but its just that I’ve been looking for answers for two-three years now. Very frustrating especially when every time I miss a period I assume its pregnancy and just remind myself after testing that its just another delayed period.

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      3. Exactly. They told me it was me too. I had an extremely small septum in my uterus and very little endo, but it just HAD to be me. We are actually at my embryologist’s office right now waiting to speak with him. Just knowing the SA is done makes me feel better. It may not be an answer, but it is a step in the right direction. I wish I had insisted on it earlier, like YEARS ago


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