The longer I wait. The harder it gets

If you’ve read my last post you know that a period within 10 days is the only thing on my mind right now. Why two posts in a day? I don’t know. This just feels like I’m writing a diary. I need to talk. I need a place to vent. With a house full of people its hard. Its hard to let them know whats going on in my mind. I did call the doc but the only thing the nurse would tell me was that this could be normal and to wait a few months. The last time they told me to wait a few months I had lost my baby and I know I really do know that this period is just normal but I’m extremely scared right now.

I also spoke to someone else who said that this could just be my body getting normal considering I’ve been eating well and taking care of myself. Lets hope it is just that.

That also means my ovulation date gets pushed though :/

Does anyone know whats going on? Anyone who could help me or give me some kind of advice on how to deal with this unexpected period?



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