Because every little happiness comes with some kind of stress attached.

This weeks been great. I’ve managed staying super active, eating right, checking my basal temp, charting, checking for ovulation with the kit and in my mind this is the month that’ll change everything. Last evening while we were dealing with some family stress related to pregnancy and someone else bleeding I was mentally noting down all the things I should do this week because according to all the apps I’m going to be ovulating but instead I’m having a period. It’s very light but I’m bleeding and I’m scared. Really scared. The last time I had a miscarriage it happened when I had my normal period and it didn’t stop which is when we found out it was a miscarriage. This time I am not sure what my body is doing.

Im 99 percent sure this is just a normal period and it could be because of progesterone tablets I had taken for my period but it’s scary. After my last period we did have intercourse but I’m not sure if pregnancy can happen so early.

If you do have an idea of why such an early period happens please send me a message. Any help is appreciated.

Going to call the doc this morning and see what they ask me to do. When did the reproductive system of a woman become such a scary thing?


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