I see light

I was pretty upset when I had missed the call from the doctors office with the results to my blood work. I woke up at 5 and anxiously waited for it to be 8.30 am and for someone to be available to talk to. I started calling at 8. Knew no one would answer but I tried anyways. This might sound so stupid but all they did were a bunch of hormone tests and other general tests to see if my levels are okay but for some reason I’ve been thinking this would give me a better idea of what’s going on with my body. It’s Funny how the last 20 doctors have repeatedly done tests on me but have failed to give me any kind of information or help me get to the next step or help me conceive. This doc had me do a few extra tests and they found out that my good cholesterol is on the lower side. Also that my testosterone is high and to take care of that I will need to see an Endocronologist. I felt like I had won an award. It is like some kind of promotion moving from a gynaec to an RE. So my appointment with this new doc is on Friday and I’m looking forward to it with so much excitement. I can’t believe so many doctors over a period of two-three years haven’t been able to figure out what was going on with my body except for the PCOS. I’ve only been asked to get on progesterone tablets to regulate periods that haven’t helped. My body has been so dependent on them that it’s forgotten to have a period on it’s own and I’m really really hoping that the RE will give us a better idea of how to take care of my body. Don’t care what procedure it is at this point. I’m ready for it. Staying positive and hopeful that this will be our year 🙂 

Please keep us in your prayers 🙂 


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