Indian Bahu series – Organizing before the in laws get here.

This has nothing to do with being a bahu (Daughter in law). I’m just a procrastinator and have been thinking of starting a series called the Badi Bahu for a while now. Just a place to rant and talk about things in my life which is no less than a TV serial haha. Anyways, so lets not start with a rant about them but about myself. I have let my house be the last on my list of priorities and I’ve said that before but I have a little less than 48 hours to get the entire house in order. I see dust thats been accumulating for the last 2 months because of the construction happening next door that won’t let my surfaces live without dust. Every surface I clean seems to be dusty ten minutes after I decide to open a door. It is bad. I also see lines of dirt on floors. Was it the ice cream we had two days ago? or the milkshake that fell a week ago? :/ Okay I am really giving a wrong picture. I am the worst bahu hahah. I know I have to be on top of things but have really been slacking in the home department because work and health have taken priority. I spent a few hours this morning seriously getting work done but the only thing at the back of my mind is the ticking clock telling me its almost time for their arrival and that there are dishes in the sink, bedsheets need to be washed for them to use. Also towels. Not to forget dragging my mountain of pregnancy tests and ovulation kits from the medicine cabinets to my room haha but like someone on my instagram story posted last minute cleaning zindabad. I could be cleaning right now but clearly I think you would be more interested in hearing my story. Well you get the idea I probably have a 100 things to do before they get here and have no idea where to start.

Anyone hear me? Give me a shoutout or a motivational message haha or point me to some cleaning video (not that I haven’t spent enough time on youtube watching people clean their houses while I sit here and polish off the box of cookies).

Alright I go. I clean for now. You go and do whatever you are supposed to do.

Ok bye.

Also, did I tell you someone called me fat this morning while I was too busy trying to motivate myself to get shit done and they had it from me. Wrong time bro.

Ok bye again.

Much Love.


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