Fat shaming, guests. Full fledged rant.

This is just going to be a rant. Not at all helpful in anyway. I’m just going to go ahead and post this because this is the only place I can just be me I guess? I don’t have to sugarcoat whatever I have to say.

  1. We have a new member in the family. Married to someone in my family and post wedding we decided to take a trip together along with a couple of other wedding guests and this lady (the bride) decides to shame me in public. She happened to see a wedding picture of mine where I’m super fit and obviously she doesn’t know the background of miscarriage and PCOS so she just assumed that I gained weight because I enjoy food. Therefore, she thought it was alright to mock me in front of people. Also, gave me suggestions about dieting. Hmm. I gave her the time and the space. Let her talk because she is new to the family and I just felt like she was trying to push buttons to see how far she could go before one of us reacted but she just thought I couldn’t respond. Well she hasn’t seen my mood swings in all its glory. The few days that we spent together was difficult though. I am a very strong person and very rarely do I get offended or upset about what people have to say especially about my weight but this really did get to me and even though this incident happened over a month ago it is still stuck in my head. May be because she chose to mock me every time I got food or sat to eat. So much that I got very conscious to eat around her and stopped eating as much as I normally would. On the positive side I’ve been working on myself post vacation and am in a better shape although I’m sure the next time we see each other she’ll have to say the same mean things. Just to give you an idea no she isn’t size zero.
  2. I wanted this year to ourselves. I wanted it to be a time where we could focus on ourselves and just be together. Last year we were surrounded by guests, in laws and a lot of travel happened so the beginning of this year I told myself we are only going to concentrate on the TTC journey and nothing else but my worry is that with so many people coming over this week our focus will shift and I won’t get to keep up with my doc visits and knowing these people and their love for junk food it is only going to make it very hard on me to stay away from eating crap, workout and continue seeing the doc.
  3. Guests staying over for 5-6 weeks means I have to work on getting the entire house in order. I did tackle the mountain of laundry but I still have to get everything else in order and don’t even know where to start.
  4. Post period my weight seems to be creeping up slowly. May be its because I’m not on progesterone tablets right now. The main reason though is that I haven’t been able to workout because of how tiring this period has been. A lot of blood loss and pain and so I’ve just been on the couch for the last one week. Hopefully I eat better to start taking better care of myself this week.
  5. The problem of not being able to say no. When family assumes you are okay with everything and overload your life with things it gets complicated. You want them to be comfortable but at the same time for someone like me who likes to please everyone and keep everyone happy it becomes challenging because this comes out in anger on the husband or adds stress to my life having to constantly pretend like I’m fine with everything that is said and done.


Any tips to get through this week without going crazy?


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