Changes in body. Decluttering and Focusing on different things this week.

Have you ever gotten to a point where you start focusing on one thing so much that everything else looks like it isn’t priority? Let me explain, have you ever got to a point where you focus on your emotions and health so much that you neglect your house and things you own?

I am just looking at the mountain of laundry and clothes I’m supposed to fold today. I haven’t been doing it and the only reason I am doing it today is because I have family coming over next week and they will stay with us for a while. I’m sure I would go about putting things off for the next few weeks without looking into getting the place to a clean state.

What I have been doing – If you’ve been following my journey you know I’ve gained a lot of weight. Therefore, 80 percent of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. So, on a good day I’ll walk into my closet, try something on, the top or dress won’t fit me so it’ll be on the floor, move on to the next item, same thing happens and soon we have clothes piling up and dust building on top and now these clothes go back into the laundry which only means I have double the load each week to do. I am currently using my guest room as a dump site for all my clothes. The bed has a mountain of clothes that are clean and my closet has a bunch of dirty clothes in laundry baskets.

I started organizing my clothes this morning only to be hit with how much stuff I own and the constant feeling of not having anything that fits right or just being overwhelmed with stuff and picking up and old tshirt that I usually wear instead of wearing things that might make me feel good.

New plan – I brought out an old suitcase and started dumping it with all the clothes that I might not wearing when family is around or things that don’t fit me. I’m hoping that this will reduce the number of clothes in my closet, making it easier to get things and wear them. Also, the idea is to focus on entertaining and taking care of people in the next few weeks instead of constantly fighting a battle with my body and making myself feel bad about not fitting into clothes every morning.

What is a method you use to keep track of clothes and organize them? I know this topic is so different from the usual rants about weightloss, PCOS and TTC but weightgain and how you feel about your body go so hand in hand. I often think I’m not going to let clothes determine how my day is but I enjoy shopping and I enjoy dressing up so much that it hurts me to see how I am not in the best shape of my life right now.

Anyways, wish me luck. I have an entire house to clean up in 4 days and have about 20 things to do before people come over.

Suggestions and tips are most welcome. Anything that you feel might help me on this journey of decluttering while I work on my body will be highly appreciated.

Ok bye now!



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