Cold Uterus? Ever heard of it?

Do you believe that the energy or the food you eat can heal or hurt your body?

Growing up my family has always believed in finding remedies and cures from Ayurveda or Chinese medicine over anything else. Acupressure was a big part of our lives and every head ache or stomach ache would mean dad bringing out his book of cures to see what could be done. People thought we were crazy but either its a mental thing or you just believe in something so much that you feel like it has benefits even when it might not really have any change on your body? I firmly believe that ancient methods are greater than what mainstream medicine has to offer but most of that knowledge is lost and since we don’t have the answers to everything we resort to medicines and doctors to help us heal.

Anyways, the subject of healing especially in Chinese medicine is so large that only yesterday did I find out about this concept called the “cold uterus”. As the name suggests Cold uterus is a condition or a concept that Chinese practitioners often talk about as a cause for reproductive or irregular flow issues.

The philosophy behind this is that everything the world has two characters the Yin and the Yang.  The idea is to balance your body and give it what it needs by trying to find the energy or source of the problem. It is an interesting concept but also as huge as the earth that I’d like to read about and learn more from but here’s what I’ve understood so far.

  1. Changes in Yang is what causes reproductive issues, infertility or irregularity in flow. It also means your body is of the “cold” category.
  2. Signs of yang deficiency might mean feeling cold, cysts, poor digestion etc.
  3. One of the reasons that cause changes in your Yang energy could be your lifestyle which in turn leads to a cold uterus.

Simple tips and what you can do to have a warm body or a warm uterus?

  1. Keep your feet warm – Often when we are at home with floors like granite and marble we tend to just walk around bare foot. Although bare foot walking is beneficial in parks and on grass or rocks for acupressure try to wear socks or indoor slippers to keep your feet warm because the pressure points in your feet are directly related to every part of your body.
  2. Choose warm drinks – Drink warm water/tea throughout the day instead of gravitating towards frozen or cold things. I understand this is especially harder during summer but think of it this way. Warm water aids weightloss and digestion. Can you think of a better reason to avoid this? 😀
  3. Add spices to your food – Like Ayurveda the Chinese also believe in spices and having food to heal your body from within. One of the best Ayurvedic herbs that warm your body is Turmeric. For ages people have considered it as a cure to fight cold and cough especially during winters.
  4. Include warm foods – Soups, stews over binging on salads.
  5. Sweat – Chinese believe in steams and saunas and treating your body to warm baths and essential oils as a ritual. So, break a sweat while not over exerting yourself.
  6. Apply Castor oil – Castor oil is said to be a warm oil and if you can apply it over your belly every day and massage it gently for a while it could prove to be beneficial for your body and help create warmth.
  7. Walking – Try to get atleast some sun and a little walking done throughout the day so as to keeping your energy in the body flowing.
  8. Exercise – Even if you aren’t performing hours and hours of exercise throughout the day make sure you get some stretching and movement through Qi Gong 

So, what are your thoughts on the concept of Cold Uterus? Do you or someone you know practice TCM? Are there any interesting remedies apart from this that you would recommend and Has this worked for you? 

Also, please feel free to post a link below so I can read your blog and your TTC journey 🙂 Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Note : I am not a doctor. A mere PCOS patient trying to find a miracle or a remedy that will help me get one step closer to having a baby 🙂





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