PCOS – Q&A. Weightloss, changes, TTC. Story so far. Update.

Where am I in terms of my Weightloss?

  • Starting weight – 177.8 lbs
  • Current weight – 166 lbs

What are some things I am currently working on?

  • Sugarfree for two weeks now. I have replaced sugar with honey in my coffee and so far I have really enjoyed having honey as a replacement.
  • Eating home cooked or organic snacks from Whole Foods and have loads of orange and grapes when I have sugar cravings.
  • Walking. I’m trying to be very active and competing on Fitbit as well. Goal is to get to 15k steps atleast by the end of the day – I have energy about 20 mins a day and when I do I use the same to walk/jog.

What medication am I currently on?

What the next steps in life are/ what are changes I am currently working on?

  • To get my thyroid and hormones checked and talk to the doc about next steps (TTC).
  • To continue staying sugar free and a vegetarian.
  • Add more protein to my diet.
  • Also, add Yoga, some stretching and some form of exercise like squats, jumping jacks etc.
  • To get more sun. With my current schedule and working from home I don’t really get enough sun during the day and I know that this is something I really need to work on.
  • Try and complete the Couch 2 5k Program.
  • Keep working on losing weight as per docs orders.
  • Understand what suits and doesn’t suit my body in terms of food – eliminate food products that don’t work well with my body.
  • To understand what causes tiredness. I know that one of the reasons is the progesterone tablets but what can I do to get better at managing mood swings or tiredness? (Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions/tips for me).
  • Get out more often. Sitting or being out in public. Being busy. Even though this is a very temporary solution, I know it helps me forget what ever goes on with my health for a short time. The busier the better.


How has this mentally affected me and what I should be doing? 

  • Read positive blogs – One of the things I’ve done are looking for blogs that talk about failure and pain when I should be reading more positive stories. I write stories of sadness and rant here on my blog all the time and get drawn to stories of women going through the same process. What happens when I do that is that it drags me further into the hole that I am already creating for myself – depression. When this happens it takes me days if not weeks to gather myself together and get out in the world.
  • Read a book every night – I often spend time browsing through Instagram or watch Youtube videos as I fall asleep and then I keep telling myself one more video and then I’ll sleep which ends up being at 3 or 4 in the night. I have now found a book on spirituality. Although it has nothing to do with PCOS or helping me with it I know that I’ll atleast fall asleep earlier and have better thoughts when I do.
  • Understand what causes me to get angry or lose my control – Sometimes tiredness is a small cause that comes out in the form or anger. It could also be change in food and how your body processes it. I have often noticed that whenever I have delayed my breakfast/lunch I slowly start getting moody.
  • Re-connect with friends who understand or people I can talk with about this subject – My close friends aren’t the best people to talk to at this time. They don’t understand anything to do with PCOS or TTC. Either they are single and hate babies or have had no issues having babies so they don’t understand what such a big deal is when you miss a period or why having a baby is the only thing stuck on my mind. (No, I don’t want to go drink with you right now. I want to be stuck in my couch dreaming of holding a cuddly baby).
  • Keep busy during the day
  • Understand that my body is different and this journey I am on is different from others around me.
  • Take better care of my body. I have fed my body a lot of junk in the last two years and it is going to take time to undo the damage. It will be a slow process but this is something I need to work on.
  • Talk to the husband more – I have been so sucked into my own world and problems with PCOS and doc visits that often I forget that he is also equally looking forward to us having a baby. He doesn’t say it often but I know how much he loves children and how much he has wanted a baby ever since we got married. What I’ve also been doing is letting my mood swings take a toll on our relation. I say the nastiest things when I’m angry. A cocktail of progesterone tablets along with PCOS and my short temper isn’t helping and its slowly hurting him. He understands what I am going through but I also need to know how to control and find another channel to let my anger out. What I’ve also not been doing is finding out how his work life is. He comes home stressed but I make it all about me and how my day has been and how I’m struggling so thats also something I need to work on.

My question for you

  • What have you done that has helped you either with regulating your periods, manage PCOS or its symptoms better?
  • Have you had success with PCOS in your TTC journey?
  • If you haven’t – what are some positive changes or short term goals you are working on?
  • Any natural/healing remedies or tips for someone going through this?
  • Words of wisdom may be?

PS – If you ever want to know – shoot me a message and I’m all ears. Lets work on building each other and help each other through this difficult journey. 

Much love and strength to all you ladies and families going through this.






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