Weightloss so far.

I hit 166.8 pounds today. That is a little over 11 pounds so far in three months. I’m pretty happy that it is going down. I’d be very mad to see it stuck or go up. I haven’t been the best when it comes to eating right just because of my amazing mood swings and all that is happening around me. I find myself very angry and jealous of people having babies and just the treatment that they’re getting in the family while no one cares what I go through right now. Doesn’t matter. I am on this journey with my husband and we will get there slowly but surely.

I still am waiting on my period. Today was the last day of my progesterone tablets and hopefully once I have my period I should get my tests done and know more as to what we can do to get pregnant this time. A few of my friends are going through IVF and I know their journey is hard. A lot harder than mine. I can’t wait for my baby. I sort of feel left out and alone on this journey because I don’t have a lot of female friends to talk about this subject. The ones I do have are either single and hate babies and the rest have had absolutely no issues getting pregnant so they just don’t understand what I am going through right now. It is a world of emotions. I’m energetic and getting things done one minute. Next minute I hate the world and want to be in one corner and left alone. I just wish I had someone to drag me out of this and make me feel better even if it is just spending some time asking me whats going on or trying to help me heal.

It is what it is though. Nothing you can do about it. We will get through this phase and will be fine. I am strong and my weightloss is in the right direction. I am also going to start feeding my body better this week just because its been so good. I am going to try and stay away from getting junk food. I hope it helps.

I hope I get pregnant soon. Don’t need anything else 🙂

Much love and strength to all the women who are going through difficulty in their TTC process. Just know that I understand and am all ears if you ever want to talk/chat?



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