Monday Rant

This is my second post for the day after I just wrote about how well I’m losing weight and how I should be strong but here’s something I want to get out of my chest.

Scenario 1 : A family member messages me all excited about just getting pregnant. Barely a month into wondering why her belly isn’t growing and how they just did it once before she got pregnant and how she wasn’t even expecting it. I fake my happiness. Bawl my eyes out later and carry on with my life.

Scenario 2 : I open Facebook and here’s a wonderful post about a mother and newborn baby bond. Scroll down

Scenario 3 : More articles about how to breastfeed and care for a newborn. Keep scrolling.

Scenario 4 : A text from a close friend sending me baby gift registry she created for herself with the cutest things she picked. I tell myself shes smart because I wouldn’t go all pink either if I had a daughter but my heart and mind now really start hurting cause the more I scroll through this registry the more I want to start buying and hoping I get pregnant soon. So, exit.

Scenario 5: Now I see baby announcements and a lady writing this beautiful article about how strong women who just went through labor are and how amazing Moms are. Well Moms are pretty amazing but I’m not a mom yet. I’m just here struggling to get a period and ovulate so I can have a baby so lets just say everyone going through a TTC process and struggling is already pretty strong.

Scenario 6 : A friend who absolutely hates kids and got pregnant in the first try just wants to get rid of the baby. I’m not one to tell you what to do with your life. It is your decision but It hurts me because again here I’m struggling and you are having this conversation with the wrong idiot.

Scenario 7 : Yet another family member pregnant and sharing how she feels. KILL ME!

By now I’ve logged out of all social media quietly sitting in a corner of the house hoping no one finds me but no there’s the phone and apparently you can’t stay alone for a couple of hours because people call you and get worried when you don’t pick up and then you finally do tell you all about the joy of pregnancy :(((((((((((((((((( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Runs off to Alaska.





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