Off to a better start today.

Is it just the meds or the walking I did last night? Don’t know what contributes to this. I found it very hard to wake up this morning but when I finally dragged myself out of bed I noticed I had no choice but to call back. I thought I could go a few more weeks in hibernation and not talk to anyone. If I told you I know 7 pregnant women right now. That number has gone up to 9. Yay. 😦 KILL ME! The longer it takes for my period to start. the more it puts me in stress around all these women. I can’t be a part of their happiness. Discuss morning sickness and hope some day I experience it too and complain about it. Right now I would do anything to have a kid.

Anyways, this was supposed to be a happy post. I did finally call my family. Spoke to them for a while and I walked when I did that.

TMI – you know how your body starts smelling funny when you are on meds. I don’t know if progesterone does that to you but I feel it with me right now. I don’t know. It isn’t really sweat but its some kind of chemically smell like I’m on a lot of meds even though its just one tablet a day. Makes me conscious around people (not that I am around a lot of people right now).

I feel like I’m writing way too much on this blog. Someday I might have to delete it just cause how much I’ve been venting here. Till someone I know finds me atleast I can be the emotional wreck that I am here and go about my life looking like a happy go lucky person. I mean I am always loud and happy but this whole baby thing is the only worry I have in my life. We are doing okay. work wise, life, financially we are fine. The only thing I could ask for is a baby. To hold a baby. To feed a baby. To take care. To have someone that is just mine. Just ours. Something that comes from our love.

I know someday that will happen. Just hoping and praying.

We could use your prayers and tips. Please tell me more about TTC journey and what has helped you along this process especially if you have had PCOS.

Much love and strength.


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