And we’re Back to square one.

Hundredth doctor, hundredth test, hundredth disappointment. This is just getting repetitive now and I feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. So, this morning I had an appointment with a new gynaec who checked everything and ordered a bunch of tests. I feel like I’m getting my thyroid and the other tests done over and over again just for them to say I’m perfectly fine and not be able to find out whats going on apart from the fact that I have PCOS.

So, since I missed my period they are going to put me back on progesterone tablets to force a period and then once I’ve had my period I’m supposed to go get tests done and then go see the doctor. I did talk to her about clomid and other options but she just kept going on about weightloss. I did tell her that I’ve lost 8 pounds over two months.I mean I’m really looking for help here. I’m extremely confused as to what my next steps are. Where do we go from here? My friend is in the process of getting IVF done and the idea of having to go through that scares me but I want a child NOW. I’m done waiting. I mean the doc is nice. She is doing the right things by asking me to get the tests done before we can go forward with things but I’ve been through this process so many times that now it just feels slow!

Whats making it worse is having people in your family get pregnant. If you’ve read my last post you know how upset I was. Again, not cause others are getting pregnant. I just feel like I’ve waited too long. I’m starting to regret so many choices we’ve made, So many things we’ve done. I keep thinking may be we could have done things differently. What can I do now to change everything. What should I be doing that’ll make all this pain and anxiety disappear?

When I have this child, it truly will be a miracle!!!!




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