Junk food week

So, this past week we were too tired/lazy/overworked/moody to go buy vegetables and so we just ordered food and had it at home. I still continued walking every day but the effect of the food wasn’t helping. As soon as it was Friday and after I got in a good workout I decided I could treat myself and we ended up overdoing it. I had forgotten that technically even though we were at home all week we were not eating home cooked meals and so we ate out a lot the two days and on Sunday even though I woke up with a lot of energy, as soon as we went out I was drained in less than an hour which didn’t help cause I couldn’t enjoy just being out in the sun and doing touristy things around our city. Lack of energy also meant getting really moody and angry until I had food and after having food I just got back home and slept. This week I have decided I am going to quit sugar once again and try to cook food at home as much as possible and not binge eat over the weekend. Lets see how that goes. I have also been doing C25k.

TMI – I am missing my period once again. I’m not pregnant. Yes, I checked and it is so extremely frustrating. I do not want to go back to medicines. PCOS SUCKS!



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