Post vacation weight gain and what I’m upto.

Hello hello hellooo World,

Its been Months since I’ve written or posted anything here. Infact I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to blog anymore or what I would tell you. I have absolutely made no progress. The only thing going up in life is my weight. I did meet a doctor in the last few months but he was of no help. The one suggestion he had for me was to google and find a DIET like a cabbage soup diet or GM diet to try and lose weight ASAP so I could get pregnant. For some reason I am not on board with the idea of dieting. I just do not want to. I was that girl, the girl who went on tried all the crazy diets and detox methods when she was a teenager. I am not that person anymore. I have grown and even though I went from a size 6-8 to a size 14-16 I don’t believe diet is the way to go right now. I’d rather enjoy my good and work hard instead just cause I know more and understand the ill effects of diets. I also do not want my body to depend so much on medicines so I don’t know what the next steps are.

Now I am almost starting to feel a little depressed just cause I don’t know if I will be able to get pregnant. It is a very bad feeling. I thought this would really be our year but no luck so far. Anyways, I was away for over two months and even though I was physically very very active during this period I surprisingly gained about 10-12 pounds. Not sure how. I mean I did enjoy food back at home but I didn’t think I would gain so much weight considering how I was so busy and out getting things done every single day.

So I hit 177 lbs which is the heaviest I’ve ever been and especially cause I am only 5’3 it just makes me look Round. After I got back I completely cut sugar for about 20 days and have started walking and using the treadmill as well. No other exercise as of now and I’ve had junk food a couple of times but atleast for the most part I have managed to cook and eat at home and I’ve slowly come down to 171lbs in about 30 days. Ideally I would like to be somewhere around 140s but lets see what happens.

Please feel free to give me suggestions and let me know what you think or what you have done on your journey to losing weight and TTC. I’d be very happy to hear from you.

Much love.



2 thoughts on “Post vacation weight gain and what I’m upto.

  1. You can be DONE WITH DIETING and still lose weight and love yourself. I have abandoned most of those “dieting” habits. I deleted myfitnesspal. I don’t freak out if I go “off program”. I just started eating like I love myself. You can do this!


    1. Thanks Lauren. I agree with what you have said. I did delete myfitnesspal too sometime last year just cause how obsessed I became with calories and not really enjoying either working out or eating. Im really trying to get back to being healthy right now. Thank you so much for the support.


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