The last two days have been different. I have complained less. I had junk food just cause I was lazy to cook since its the weekend but what I did different was that I stayed active. Managed doing over 10k steps yesterday and today and for the first time on a weekend we actually went out for a walk. I also did planks, situps, squats and jump rope whenever I could through the day. Usually Fridays and Saturdays are for junk food and Sundays and Mondays for recovery from all the food. This time even though I had food I told myself instead of feeling guilty or letting my body get tired I am going to keep walking inside the house. Humidity is making it really hard to go outdoors for a walk. Where is the good weather?

Also to keep me on track with my Fitbit competition I have downloaded another app by Nike. Right now it takes me 20 minutes to do 1 mile. I did 2 miles yesterday and just 1 mile walking today. Plan is to make sure I slowly reduce time either by jogging a little or walking and getting it down to 15 minutes first. Working on small fitness goals to reach my weightloss.

Current weight – 166 lbs

Goal weight – 140 lbs.

Finally something positive here? 😀 Thanking everyone once again for the supportive comments, advice and tips to help me on this PCOS, weightloss and TTC journey.




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