Weight Gain again.

Our little three day trip ended up with me gaining 5 pounds. My friend is making me feel better saying its all water and bloating but it is more than that. This tiredness. This feeling of not wanting to do anything is just bad. So 168 lbs now. I feel like I’m just getting heavier by the day.

I did walk and go to the gym too during the trip but anyways I’m home and have gotten back to being active on fitbit. Now to find a way to control food portions or find better things to eat. Any tips on protein rich food for a vegetarian?


5 thoughts on “Weight Gain again.

  1. Hi…First of all thank you for stopping by my blog. And don’t get discouraged because of your weight. I’ve been asked to include soy (in any form) on my diet to get protein without any side effect on anywhere your body.
    Good luck


      1. I’ve included Millet powder and Arrow root powder in my breakfast. I am reducing the rice or wheat intake.
        Arrow root powder and millet powder used as a healthy drink its very easy to make.
        I’m sure you are familiar with oats making. Just follow the same. but 1 table spoon would be enough for a cup, add lots of water and simmer it for about 5-7 mins. keep stirring. CAn add some low fat milk in the last minute . If you can get palm jaggery add some of that too. Its way better than white sugar.


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