Not losing weight.

I am not losing weight. What do I do? I have changed my diet. I am working out. I am walking every day. What else? PCOS you are killing me.

I am losing hope that I’ll ever lose weight.


15 thoughts on “Not losing weight.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I was so upset last night that I’m still gaining weight that I had to vent. Going to keep this in mind. Did a light workout today and sweat like a pig haha so i guess I’m going to try and keep at it. Thanks again. Much love.


      1. Best thing swimming. Just half an hour a day. Also jump rope. Best exercises keeps everything going. 🙂 if you need to vent message me I’ve had PCOS since I was 19 well known about it. Also soy. That helps PCOS and weightloss. If you drink milk it has the cows natural hormones in it with messes us up even more. So try soy milk, also sweet potato over regular.


      2. I have been wanting to go learn swimming. I do aqua exercises once in a while though 😀 Thanks. Will switch out the potatoes too. Thank you so much for the tips and support. Heading over to your blog to learn more 🙂


  1. What my doctor had adviced me is that being happy is the first step for pcos. I know its hard but not impossible, try to do things what you love and makes you happy and then see the change.


    1. Absolutely but its so disheartening seeing that you are working hard and gaining weight. I’m good today. I did workout/dance to some good old music. Definitely doing things I love. Thanks a lot for the advice. Much love.


  2. Have you looked into some natural support for PCOS. I have a couple friends who have had success with a few simple steps added to their daily routine. If interested, I’d be happy to share what they’ve done with you so you can decide it it would help you or not. 🙂


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