Current weight : 164.9 lbs

I have gone up and down in the last few months. Got to 170s.  Got to 150s. Lack of consistency is what keeps making it hard for me to lose weight and keep it that way. My ideal weight for my height would be around 140s or less but I haven’t got there in over two three years. My body has changed. I am starting to doubt my ability to do things now. I have been telling myself I will not make this blog depressing and just stay positive and like myself and my body through this process but it is hard. It is hard to like your body when you see how it has become. The waist you once were proud of, now the same waist is a matter of shame. You try to cover it up with clothes, under shapers and layers. Everything to distract.

When I see my friends so successful with their weight loss goals I am stunned at how persistent they are.

Anyways, so that is the rant for the day and here is my plan for the next three weeks.

I am going to start my morning with my Ayurveda medicines that will help me have my period. Then have Moringa powder mixed with milk followed with coffee and something to eat. I am also going to lose 10 pounds. So this is my goal. I’m also going to take it one day at a time, try to get in some workout during the day, either zumba or some other workout videos.

I’ve had Moringa for three days and I notice that it flushes out of my system. Going to have it for three weeks to see if i really notice benefits from it.

Do you have any tips for me or is there something you have done in your journey that you could share with me?

So, here I am starting over for the thousandth time.

Cheers to seeking health and fitness.



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