Orange Theory Fitness!

I did it. I pushed myself to go for the class. In a way I was a little excited. I had the energy too so I went. It was quite confusing at first. Too many terms to remember. The music was loud. I was nervous and could barely hear the instructor but I made it through. 55 minutes of the class and I came out alive.

It has been over a year since we went for a group fitness class so this was going to be interesting. What I liked most was no one cared. You are on your own. No one is going to push you to go kill yourself in the process. It was a mixed group. Some really good runners. Some like me who could barely walk on an incline. Huffing and puffing I somehow made it. Heart rate went up quite a few times cause you know I’m in the not so healthy zone but they don’t ask you to push yourself and burn on the very first day so I took it slow.

I can feel the pain in my thighs today thanks to all the squats but it is a good pain. We have signed up for more. 8 sessions to go. I just really hope I learn to stay calm in these group classes and be able to pay more attention and just breathe 🙂

Any tips from people who already are a part of the Orange Theory fitness classes or group fitness in general? On days that you don’t go for classes how do you keep pushing yourself?

I’m actually worried to workout today cause I feel if I go for a class tomorrow I’ll already be in pain and won’t workout as much. Thoughts?

Also, if you are new and have no clue what I’m talking about here is the link.

Starting weight : 168.3 lbs

Current weight : 167.9 lbs




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