Starting Over!

Hello again World,

I have been writing here on this blog for a while. 43 posts so far but today I decided to delete all of them and start over. For the very few people who are probably going to be confused as to why I did this. Let me explain.

When I started this blog it was going to be a place where I could write my daily thoughts on this journey to getting fit. How I tried JM fitness or how I got on the fitbit bandwagon but after that it slowly moved on to depressing stuff. Failures. Journeys that I started and quit in no time but that wasn’t the idea. The plan was to write whatever it is that pushed me in the direction to getting fit, not sulking here and making this a place to rant at the end of the day about how much junk food I had and how the world is a mean and nasty place.

Like someone said You have got to enjoy the journey. The destination doesn’t really matter.

Keeping that in mind. I start this all over again. I may be at my heaviest at 168.3 but I’m more determined to get it right this time. I will fall. I will tell you when I do but I am not going to make this a place where I see my failures but a place to keep pushing me. I will be my own motivator!

Lets do this 🙂



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